Thanksgiving 2020 looks vastly different than years past.

Americans across the country cherish community, family, and a sense of belonging. Yet, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us have sacrificed family gatherings, major life events, and even worship on Sundays in hopes of protecting loved ones from this life-threatening and invisible foe. Frustration mounts as “reliable” sources of information are constantly changing and contradicting themselves about this deadly virus, making simple decisions-difficult. Chaos and division seem to be the reigning champions each day.

Feelings of distress have intensified with our youth, women, and children seeking refuge at King’s Home. Prior to COVID-19, our residents were already disconnected from their families, missing out on family gatherings, life events, and church services due to other hidden adversaries like domestic violence, abuse, homelessness, abandonment, neglect, addiction, and other horrific circumstances. They were already hurt by those they trusted most – be that a parent, spouse, or family member. Each precious soul at King’s Home had already found themselves ravaged by the wars waged against them from multiple foes, leaving them hopeless and helpless.


But…in the midst of all the destruction and attacks from various hidden enemies, God is at work redeeming hearts and restoring lives at King’s Home!

Through the faithfulness of donors like you, we are able to provide youth, moms, and children with constant safety, security, unconditional love, and hope for the future.

Unlike most ministries, we never stopped taking new residents during the most frightening and uncertain times of COVID. These vulnerable kids and moms still needed refuge from violence and
mayhem in their lives. King’s Home never closed. As a result, losses for the year exceed $300K with projected shortages continuing due to hardships from COVID-19 and the economic crisis in our

As Thanksgiving approaches this year, please find it in your heart to help the youth, women, and mothers with children at King’s Home.

With your support, we will continue providing critical needs for our 125 residents during COVID-19 such as food, housing, clothing, technology, transportation, employment, medical and dental care, educational support, financial literacy training, parenting skills, substance abuse classes, counseling, and childcare in a safe, secure, Christian homes. The goal is to help these youth, women, and mothers with children move beyond the cycle of abuse to become stable and independent, with the competency and confidence to face their future.


At King’s Home, we live in a continual state of gratitude for God’s great faithfulness. We are deeply thankful for His favor on this ministry. We are grateful for you because we can’t do it without your help.

Because of your generous support, God is changing lives forever.

Thank you for being a catalyst of hope and restorer of dignity. Thank you for your gift.

Happy Thanksgiving from our hearts to yours! God bless you!

Lew Burdette

King's Home President

(205) 678-8331

221 King's Home Drive / P.O. Box 162 Chelsea AL United States 35043

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