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King’s Garden is the Horticultural Therapeutic Garden Program of King’s Home.

Our program goals are multifaceted:

  • Provide hands-on opportunities in gardening along with teaching horticulture lessons to at-risk youth living in King’s Home residential group home program (plus school groups or community tours).

  • Demonstrate the importance of producing and consuming fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs.

  • Teach horticulture skills for knowledge and application: how to plant from seed, harvest crops, and prepare healthy meals with produce grown at King's Garden.

  • Instruct on life lessons learned from gardening including work ethic, sowing and reaping, etc.

  • Train through entrepreneurial experiences (selling at farmers’ markets, etc.).

It takes a lot of love for a garden to grow.

You can help us by donating your time, garden materials, and/or purchasing our goods.

Below are some items on our wish list: 

  • Medium storage shed (90+ sq ft) 

  • Ride-on lawnmower

  • Park benches (8+)

  • Picnic tables (8+)

  • Educational materials, including hands-on displays 

  • 6-8 ft tables (4 total) for Education Center

  • New folding chairs (20+) for Education Center

  • Garden tool belt to hold pruning sheers, etc (3 for workers, otherwise 8 more for students)

  • Rakes, stir-up weeders, and shovels

  • Seeds and plugs

  • ​​​​​Perennial plants

  • Mop Head hydrangea​

  • Oakleaf hydrangea

  • Lime Light hydrangea

  • Variety panicle hydrangeas

  • Variety Narcissus/Daffodil bulbs

  • Other Zone 8 plants

  • Long-term dream/goal

  • Covered open-air area​

  • Professional kitchen

  • Larger class space and storage

  • Walking garden (including irrigation)

We’d love to meet you, introduce you to our horses, bees, and chickens – as well as give you a tour of King’s Stables and King’s Garden.

For more information on King’s Garden, please contact Pete Arner at

Visit our website at

(205) 678-8331

221 King's Home Drive / P.O. Box 162 Chelsea AL United States 35043

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