Support King’s Home This Christmas!

CLICK HERE to support King’s Home this Christmas by donating some of our everyday basic needs.  We have 22 homes for abused youth, women, and children and the operational expenses are enormous. This is just one more way you can say Merry Christmas during this holiday season and help those who are in desperate need of a fresh start in life.  If you’d like to sponsor a resident, please contact Liz Sherrell at or by calling (205) 678-8331.  Merry Christmas!


My Hope Live Video StillFor over 40 years King’s Home has been home to hundreds of youth, women, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness, and other difficult and impoverished conditions and circumstances.  Our Purpose: To serve Christ by serving youth, women, and mothers with children who are at-risk.



Thank you for supporting King’s Home with your 2015 Randy Howell Boat Donation.  Stay Tuned for upcoming information on the 2016 Promotion.