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Youth Program

The Youth Program of King's Home currently serves a daily average of 87 youth (ages 12-21) in three core programs with the average length of stay between 9 to 12 months. Almost all (98%) have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment. We provide loving homes, spiritual development, educational assistance, and counseling for these young lives.

Hope for At-Risk Youth in Alabama

Boys and girls arrive at King's Home through referrals from the Department of Human Resources as well as private placements from families. All of these children have suffered abuse, abandonment, neglect, and/or other terrible conditions. Several have been unable to attend school regularly, receive spiritual guidance or adequate emotional support as a result of constant changes in their living situations. Due to their difficult lives, they often exhibit behavioral problems, emotional difficulties and often have trouble in school. 

Through our specialized program, we offer hope to these boys and girls by providing spiritual development, educational support and counseling services to equip them with the tools to heal from their pasts and succeed in life.

Anthony's Story

Replacing Anger with Hope.

Anthony came to live at King’s Home in March of 2011.  He was angry, full of bitterness, and extremely rebellious against all authority figures. Anthony was “mad at the world”. He was disappointed and offended by the hand he had been dealt in life and lashed out at everyone around him. Because of this behavior, he had not been successful in any of his prior placements. Like many teenagers at King’s Home, this was the final stop and opportunity for Anthony, or he would be in a “lockdown facility”.

Anthony has matured greatly since coming to live at King’s Home.  He has dealt with much adversity in his life, but through it all, he has persevered and achieved success.  We are very proud of Anthony’s accomplishments and love bragging on him!

Anthony graduated from Shelby County High School and earned an Ambassador Scholarship to Jefferson State Community College.  He transitioned from one of our youth homes into our Transitional Living Program where he continues to receive the support system he needs to help ensure his future success.

If you ask Anthony what made the difference; what that defining moment was when he knew he wanted to choose a different path – he will tell you it wasn’t a single moment.  It was a multitude of moments modeled for him every day at King’s Home.  The unconditional love and support he received from his house parents, even when he wasn’t being very loveable.  It was knowing, regardless of any mistakes and failures; he would still have a place to call home – King’s Home!

Three Core Youth Programs


Basic Youth Program

King's Home Basic Youth Program (Basic) serves a daily maximum of 8 boys (ages 10- 19) that are in custody of Alabama DHR. Per Alabama DHR, this basic type of placement is limited to children whose needs cannot be met in their own home, traditional foster home, or children who have reached their treatment goals in a more restrictive setting and are ready to be “stepped down”.


Moderate Youth Program

King's Home Moderate Youth Program (Moderate) is our largest youth program serving a daily maximum of 68 youth (ages 10-19). The majority of our children are referred to us by the Alabama Department of Human Resources with an occasional private placement. All Moderate children require 24-hour awake staff for proper supervision to prevent/respond to the following behaviors: fighting at night, inability to sleep and wandering around, attempting sexual contact, attempted runaway patterns, etc.


Transitional Living Program

King's Home Youth Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides an alternative living arrangement for a daily maximum of 11 foster youth (ages 16-19) in the custody of Alabama DHR with opportunities to practice independent living skills in a variety of congregate settings with decreasing degrees of care and supervision. The program is designed to allow youth to experience natural consequences of daily actions and decisions with the safety net of program staff (not to rescue, but to give support and guidance).

King's Home Youth Programs provide a variety of services to equip and empower the children in our care to heal from the trauma they have experienced while emerging with tools to cope and succeed in life.

Basic & Moderate

  • Home-Style Environment

  • Trauma-Informed Care

  • Treatment Planning & Interventions

  • Counseling (Individual, Family, and Group)

  • Behavior Management

  • Basic Living Skill Development

  • Social Skills Development

  • College/Career Planning

  • Transportation

  • Family Support

  • Tutoring

  • Allowance

  • Extracurricular Activities

  • Equine Therapy

  • Art Sessions

  • Horticultural Garden Sessions


The TLP Youth receive the following services In addition to the services provided for the children enrolled in our Basic and Moderate Programs:

  • Realistic Living Experience

  • Financial Planning

  • Supportive Adults/Permanent Connections

Admissions / FAQ

What are some of the criteria for acceptance into the program?

  • Mild to moderate emotional or behavioral problems.

  • Child must be alcohol and substance-abuse free at time of entry.

  • Must be able to attend public school.

Where do the children come from?

  • Our youth come from a myriad of troubled backgrounds. Abuse, neglect, abandonment, discipline problems, and trouble with school are among them.

  • All families are in various stages of crisis.

  • Our youths are primarily from Jefferson and Shelby counties, but we serve the entire state of Alabama.

  • We have both privately placed individuals as well as those placed by the Dept. of Human Resources.

How many youth are in each home?

  • Each home can have up to 8 youth at a time.

What is the adult supervision in the homes?

  • Each home has a full-time (24-hr) live-in married couple.

Where do you get your money?

  • 60% of our funding comes from private sources: individuals, foundations, corporations, churches.

  • 40% from monthly disbursements provided by the state of Alabama for individual children referred by DHR.


Do you charge for your services?

Yes, but there are no set fees. A sliding-scale based on income is used for families who are not referred by the state.

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