Our Staff​


Lew Burdette, President, 205-775-1818, lew@kingshome.com

Jennifer Lackey, Vice President of Operations, 205-775-1805, jlackey@kingshome.com

Christie Butler, Human Resources Director, 205-775-1806, christie@kingshome.com

Emily Green, Accounting Director, 205-775-1809, emily@kingshome.com

John Bearden, Facilities Director, 205-678-8331, johnbearden@kingshome.com  

Nettie Datcher, Administrative/Accounting Assistant, 205-775-1803, nettie@kingshome.com


Development & Marketing

Jim Medley, Director of Development, 205-775-1810, jim.medley@kingshome.com

Elishua Markham, Development Manager, 205-775-1804, elishua@kingshome.com

Trinda Gage, Development, 205-775-1833, trinda.gage@kingshome.com 

Women and Children's Programs (formerly Hannah Homes)

Julie Mealins, Women and Children's Programs Director, 205-618-0300, julie@kingshome.com

Youth Program (formerly King's Ranch)

Larry Dancy, Executive Director of Youth Programs, 205-775-1813, larry@kingshome.com

Holly Barnett, Youth Intake Coordinator, 205-775-1811, holly@kingshome.com

Adrian Riggins, Senior Site Director, adrian@kingshome.com

LaDonna Ford, Girls Site Director, 205-775-1815, ladonna@kingshome.com

Sherry McLaughlin, Administrative Assistant - Youth Program, 205-775-1831, sherry@kingshome.com

Sherrita "Rita" Drake, Boys Counselor, 205-775-1814, sherrita@kingshome.com

Terri Robinette, Girls Counselor, 205-775-1812, terri@kingshome.com

Support Programs

Jamie Johnson, Prodigal Pottery Director, 205-807-0943, jamie@kingshome.com

Callie Smelley, Equine Program Co-Manager, 205-678-8331, callie@kingshome.com

Kelly Bloomfield, Equine Program Co-Manager, 205-678-8331, kelly@kingshome.com

Jonathan Mack, Garden Director, jonathan@kingshome.com

Kat Martin, King's Garden, kat@kingshomes.com

Dre Fulgram, King's Home Thrift Director of Operations, 205-715-6688, dre@kingshome.com