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Praise God for the hope and certainty of Jesus Christ who pierces the darkness of this world with his marvelous light! Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12)

The headlines of the world are unsettling and dark; much like the stories of the abused youth, women, and moms with children that are entrusted to us at King’s Home. 


This Easter, we rejoice in your faithful support that allows us to restore dignity and Hope to lives like Amy’s below, once devastated by the effects of abuse. Through joy, blessings, trials, failures, disappointments, and victories – it is HIS hope that guides and guards us all. He restores lost time, anoints new identities, and creates NEW LIFE for those who call on HIM.

The fear of the unknown and the pain of the past can be crippling for our residents. It is here in their darkest moments we are empowered with “the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness cannot overcome it!” (John 1:5)

Your generous gifts are life-transforming, and stir up Hope in the hearts of King’s Home residents for a better future! Together, we help restore faith in our Risen Savior who makes all things new and heals the deep wounds of our painful pasts.


Please consider giving today! Your support means so much – at Easter, and all through the year. 


Celebrating Hope Renewed,

Lew Burdette

King's Home President

Hope for Amy

In 2019, Amy came to King’s Home battling depression and PTSD from being sexually abused. She reported frequent thoughts of self-harm and the team at King’s Home realized she needed more care than we could provide. After spending six months in an intensive program, Amy returned to King’s Home. She reported being able to focus better and move past her sexual abuse. She re-joined the choir and began drawing again. 

Last month Amy came to an important crossroads in her journey when she was approached by the DA to testify against her former abuser in court. After seeking wisdom from her counselor, Amy decided she was ready and chose to testify. During the court proceedings, she was able to tell her story and shine the light of truth into the darkness that once held her captive. Amy did well in her testimony and felt empowered when her abuser was sentenced to jail time!