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21 Total residential group homes

6 Campuses in four counties

$10 million 

2024 budget

191 Residents served in 2023

Who We Serve

King’s Home serves youth, women, mothers, and children seeking refuge, hope, and help from abuse, neglect, abandonment, homelessness and other extreme and impoverished conditions. 


One hundred percent of King’s Home residents have been rendered homeless due to the devastating effects of abuse and domestic violence. Along with spiritual development, we teach life skills and provide tangible services to help our residents heal from their devastating pasts, break the cycle of abuse, build healthy relationships and become independent, productive members of our community.


King's Home also offers 4 support programs including King's Stables, King's Garden, Prodigal Pottery, King's Home Thrift along with counseling services. 

Who We Serve
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Youth Program
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Youth Program / The King’s Ranch

  • Serving youth ages 12-21

  • 11 residential group homes

  • Referral source is AL DHR

  • 98% have been abused

  • 85% are diagnosed with mental health needs

  • 90% arrive at least one grade level behind, and some as many as three grade levels

  • Individual and group counseling is provided to address prior trauma

  • Tangible services to assist youth include social skills, education, employment, independent living skills and behavioral  therapy

  • The average length of stay is 9-12 months

  • Approximately 25% of our youth come from Jefferson and Shelby counties

Women & Children

Women and Children / Hannah Homes

  • Serving adult women and moms with children escaping domestic violence and abuse

  • 10 residential group homes

  • Referrals received from churches, courts, law enforcement, other
    programs, mental health and Department of Human Services

  • Tangible services to assist women and children include domestic
    violence counseling, parenting skills, financial literacy, substance abuse classes, education, transportation, employment, housing, and childcare

  • A structured program for up to two years

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