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King's Home Art Therapy - Going Beyond the Surface

King's Home House Mom, Chrissy shares her love for art therapy and the impact it has had on the 8 teenage girls seeking refuge in her home.

"If someone would have told me two years ago that I was going to do a painting of my life, I would have laughed in their face. Being at King’s Home has really surprised me in bad but mostly good ways. This painting makes me proud. I never would have thought that I could turn all my hurt and pain into something as beautiful as this. The items I’ve used are very strange and interesting, but each have a place."

The Color Purple's Attic

The above masterpiece was created by one of our 16-year-old King's Home daughters. Below is a small excerpt of the contents of her attic and the meaning behind the items she chose.

The Plastic:

The plastic represents how many times in life I’ve tried to do something and failed. I remember the feeling I felt when the canvases for our paintings were handed out. I was the only one that got a canvas that still had the plastic on it. I struggled trying to get it off, but I kept trying and finally got it done. My house mom said to me, “there must be a reason yours still has the plastic on it, a message just for you”. I thought about what she said while I was trying so many times to get it off. That’s why I used it in my painting. It did mean something. When I finally finished my painting, I remembered how many times in my life I had failed trying to do things, but this time I didn’t fail, I didn’t quit because it was hard. I pushed myself and got through the struggle and now I have a painting that I am so proud of. I did it, I didn’t quit.

The Rat:

The rat represents my life when I was ten years old. My family and I had to move to the projects. The apartment only had two bedrooms and there were four other kids plus me. I didn’t have any other choice, so I had to sleep on the floor. One night when I was being abused, I felt frozen and was just staring when a rat ran across the floor. I know it sounds crazy, but that rat gave me hope. If that rat could survive I could too. I have never been a big animal lover, but that night I found hope in one. 

The Watch:

The watch represents how time never mattered to anyone.

The Feathers:

The feathers represent the abuse I went through.

The Earrings:

The earrings represent a person in my life that hurt me.

The Rope:

The rope represents something very significant to me. In my early teens, I attempted suicide multiple times in many ways. On one of my birthdays, I attempted to hang myself. I didn’t succeed but that night changed my life it led me down the wrong path. It also led to something good. I am now sixteen sitting in a place where I would have never dreamed of coming. All the hurt and pain molded me into who I am today. This is my fresh start. This is my chance, a once in a lifetime opportunity to inspire just one person. To give them hope that it’s possible to take something bad and make it into something incredible. I did and so can you.

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