My Hope Lives

Serving Women, Mothers & Children


At the Hannah Homes Campus of King’s Home, we offer loving support and a residential, home-like setting for women and mothers & children so that their lives can be transformed and the cycle of abuse and domestic violence can truly be broken. We provide food, housing, medical expenses, educational support, counseling, and childcare in a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.

Tessie’s Story

Like any young bride, Tessie was filled with hopes and dreams about her future when she got married.  She and her husband started their family and were quickly blessed with three children.  Soon, however, Tessie realized that things would not turn out as she had hoped.  Her husband had become increasingly abusive, and when she discovered that he was having an affair, she knew she had to find a way out.  Tessie and her children found themselves at King’s Home in Tuscaloosa.  At the time all three children were under the age of five and they were able to seek refuge at King’s Home.

Tessie quickly took advantage of all resources available to her at King’s Home.  She wanted to rejuvenate herself, both as a woman and as a mother.  When Tessie first arrived at King’s Home she was without financial resources.  When she was first asked, “what would you like to do?”, she found herself unsure of which direction to take.  All she knew was that in high school she was good in accounting.  King’s Home helped Tessie enroll at University of Alabama and she excelled academically.  Tessie was the first generation of any member of her family to attempt a college education.  Not only did Tessie excel, she graduated The University of Alabama with her B.S. and Masters in Accounting.

Tessie and her children now live happy and successful in Tuscaloosa County.  Tessie has a wonderful job and has been able to provide a home for her children.  Tessie has been so empowered by the “hand-up” she received at King’s Home that she has emerged as a powerful spokeswoman for King’s Home.  Through prayer and community support, King’s Home has been able to help Tessie and her children during their time of need.